Buyer’s Advocate Service

Buyer's Advocate Service

Mike’s Real Estate is partnering with Networth Buyer’s Agents, led by Craig Greer-Smith, to do all our buyer’s agency work.

A good buyer’s agent researches areas, trends, streets, opportunities and homes to ensure:

(a) You are buying in the right area – especially if it is an investment property.

(b) You are not buying a lemon. You should be fully aware of any defects in a proposed property you are interested in purchasing. Many times an experienced buyer’s agent can negotiate a better deal if there are defects in the building or issues with the land – such as potential flooding. In any case, you, the buyer, should be fully informed.

(c) You get a better deal. Buyer’s agents are experienced negotiators who can negotiate for your advantage in any market.

(d) You get access to properties in time. Whether it is an off-market property, where the owner wants privacy and no open homes, or a property that has just come onto the market, a good buyer’s agent has a strong network and can get you access to these opportunities before others do.

Craig is an experienced property buyer who has helped scores of clients achieve amazing results over the last 8 years. He has also bought more than 60 properties for himself.

I am proud to be part of Craig’s team in the Buyer Agent space, and have successfully helped people buy property for less than what other buyers have even offered.

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Michael Fackerell

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